A permanent cure for erectile dysfunction could be on the way

Currently, some scientists in Denmark are working towards a permanent solution to erectile dysfunction, the disease that has plagued men for centuries. They have already developed stem cells that will be injected into the base of the penis of men suffering from erectile dysfunction. If this succeeds, it will be a big medical breakthrough for men as ED patients will no longer need to keep using Viagra or other sexual performance enhancing drugs.

The research involves the injection of 20 million stem cells into the base of the organ. It is believed that this will help restore the sexual function of the penis. The researchers believe that the injection will revitalize and reinvigorate the nerves and blood vessels of the penis. In addition, it will also make the penis even larger.

However, this is not conclusive yet. It is important to find out the long term effects of the treatment on the penis and the overall health of the recipients/patients. The treatment is really meant for men who have lost their prostate glands to cancer treatment. It is because cancer therapy usually affects the organ’s blood vessels, nerves and its size all negatively.

According to a reliable source, about 30 million men are suffering from erectile dysfunction in the United States alone. So, this treatment is anxiously awaited. A lot of people are suffering from the condition because there are many issues that can make a man prone to it. Emotional and psychological disorder, strong medications, age, and several medical conditions can increase men’s susceptibility to erectile dysfunction.

Apart from taking Viagra, patients of erectile dysfunction also need to change their lifestyle for better sexual performance. They need to reduce their consumption of alcohol or quit it as well as smoking. Some men also make use of a special vacuum to draw a lot of blood to the penis in their bid to improve their sexual performance.

The teams of researchers as well as other medical practitioners are hoping that things go well with this treatment as it will be a landmark achievement in medicine. It will not be used only to cure erectile dysfunction, it will also be used to treat other health conditions like heart failure and other common heart diseases. The final result of the research will be made public in July. While the feat is worthy of celebration, you also need to bear in mind that there is still so much work to do on the treatment. For now, you can only await the final results of the research patiently.